Minor Character: Miami
Todd Kendrick
Name Todd Kendrick
Gender Male
Family Patty Johansen (ex-girlfriend)
Joey Kendrick (son)
City Miami
Pathology Spree Killer
Modus Operandi Shooting
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Jeffrey Donovan
First Appearance Nothing to Lose

Todd Kendrick was a convicted felon and a spree killer who appeared in CSI: Miami. Kendrick was a significant nemesis of Alexx Woods.


Little is revealed about Kendrick's background, except for the fact that he was incarcerated for a severe killing spree with unspecified MOs and victims, coincidentally in the same prison division as Cyrus Everton, imprisoned for trying to assassinate Ty Radcliffe, an actor responsible for raping his son Joey but with little evidence to convict him on, leading to Radcliffe's acquittal and Everton's own sentence. When Everton was hired with several other convicts to put out a severe fire in the Everglades, Kendrick was in an adjoining holding cell. Everton told of his predicament, and when Kendrick offered to commit the murder for him to avenge Joey, Cyrus agreed. He gave Kendrick his ID bracelet and let him sneak out with the other inmates. But didn't know, having a security system company for wealthy clients, Kendrick planned to get away after stealing enough money from the clients in a series of break-ins, killing others whom he needed to eliminate to achieve that without even being slowed down. Kendrick harassed his ex-girlfriend Patty Johansen from prison so she could bury a gun in a location he needed it, lying his previous cellmate Larry Van Owen was the one who needed it.

Season Three[]

Nothing to Lose[]

When Kendrick arrived, he killed an inmate named Rico Garza who saw him making is escape, partly to distract the police. Garza was found dead, pinned to a tree with a shovel impaled in his abdomen. Kendrick later saw news journalist Claire Bushnell sneaking to the site where the inmates were to catalog the activity. Because he had the gun from Johansen and Van Owen, he took it from her, shot her in her head, and left her dead in a well. Her camera was thrown into a near by marsh or stream before Kendrick stole her car.

When Johansen was tracked, she admitted to burying the gun, inadvertently revealing to the CSIs Van Owen was next to die when she she told them the ruse. The team goes to Van Owen's boat, where he's already stabbed in his abdomen with a machete. He's still alive and begs the detectives to pull it out, but Caine warns he'll bled to death if he does. Van Owen pulls it out himself and dies in front of Caine and Delko Caine closing his eyes out of sympathy.

Knowing Radcliffe could easily be a target, the detectives try and warn him, but he doesn't care and his lawyer brushes off notions for protection. Kendrick still breaks into Radcliffe's mansion and shoots him in his head and genitals. Radcliffe fires a shot in Kendrick's abdomen, so he gets desperate and switches one of his victims out of Alexx Woods' van for himself. The team not only find Radcliffe's private room where he raped Johnny, but the dead person Kendrick left to get in the van. On an open highway, he sits up and hold Woods at gunpoint, forcing her to pull over and threatening to kill her children when he sees her family pictures. He makes her dress his wounds with gauze, so she ties a bandage around his waist when he denies needed medical attention.

When Everton was confronted as to why Kendrick was still spreeing, he revealed out of shock Kendrick wanted security codes from his clients. He and Woods already made it to Everton's house in the van, where Kendrick stole the codes and took Johnny hostage. Against Woods' objections, Kendrick made Joey see Radcliffe dead in the back of the van, but despite Kendrick trying to say he did a favor, Johnny screamed and ran into Woods' arms, while Woods just said he was a "bastard". Ready to keep moving with them and likely threaten their lives, Woods jumped Kendrick and got Johnny to run. When Kendrick was about to shoot her, the cops arrived, so Kendrick fled on a motorcycle. Caine and Delko rescued Woods, who took the rest of the day off.

Kendrick was tracked to one client's mansion, and when he was getting away on an air boat, Caine and Delko gave chase. A lengthy shootout ensued, until Kendrick crashed on a bank near the Everglades fire. Holding him at gunpoint and insisting to surrender, Caine insisted for Kendrick to not get killed in escaping. Kendrick liked his odds and ran into the fire. He was later found burned to death well after the flames and smoke cleared, which Woods saw for herself from seeing the knot she tied in Kendrick's bandages. She and the team breathed a sigh of relief Kendrick wasn't at large any longer.

Modus Operandi[]

Kendrick's previous crimes are unspecified, but in his last spree, he typically killed through means of shooting and stabbing, and his victims would be whoever stood in his way or he was hired to kill. Kendrick wouldn't hesitate to take hostages and attempt to kill cops either.

Known Victims[]

  • Unknown dates: Numerous unidentified victims
  • Unknown date: Patty Johansen (harassed until she buried a gun for him)
  • February 21, 2005:
    • Rico Garza (stabbed once in the abdomen with a shovel, pinning him to a tree)
    • Claire Bushnell (shot once in the head; left her in a well and threw her camera into a pond)
    • Larry Van Owen (stabbed in the abdomen with a machete; he pulled the machete out and bled to death)
    • Ty Radcliffe (shot twice in the head and genitals)
    • Alexx Woods (held at gunpoint, threatened her children, and later attempted to shoot; was rescued)
    • Joey Everton (held at gunpoint)
    • Horatio Caine (attempted to shoot)
    • Eric Delko (attempted to shoot)

Known Accomplices[]

  • Cyrus Everton (hired Kendrick to kill Ty Radcliffe; incarcerated)
  • Patty Johanson (ex-girlfriend; status unknown)


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  • Kendrick is partly inspired by spree killer Joseph C. Palczynski. His murder contract on Radcliffe appears to be inspired Gary Plauché case.
  • Jeffrey Donovan, who plays Kendrick, would later go on to appear in "Burn Notice" as the burned spy, Michael Westen.