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Main Character: Miami
Tom Loman
Name Tom Loman
Gender Male
Birth Date March 17, 1958
Family LuLu (girlfriend)
City Miami
Job Medical Examiner
Rank CSI Coroner
Specialty Forensic Pathology
Status Alive
Portrayed By Christian Clemenson
First Appearance Bolt Action

Tom Loman is a doctor and the medical examiner for the Miami-Dade Crime Lab who first appeared in season eight.

He is the official and permanent replacement for Alexx Woods who resigned to spend more time with her family, Shannon Higgins who died after being shot while in the field on her first day and Tara Price who was arrested for stealing and evidence tampering on the job.


Loman appears to be a jovial but rather eccentric man who performs his duties with an enthusiastic morbidity, topping even Alexx Woods' habit of talking to bodies.

Despite the macabre nature of his work, he seems genuinely excited by it, even performing an autopsy on the fly for some medical students on a cadaver donated to science, which was eventually discovered to be a victim of a crime the CSIs were investigating.

In contrast to his usual upbeat demeanor, he does occasionally lament at how violent people can be to each other, but if anything, this only strengthens his resolve to discover what killed those who entered his morgue.

Often, when he runs with a theory or conducts an examination, he gets frustrated or upset when anyone, including the CSI's, interrupt him, or makes them wait until his theory is confirmed or denied by the evidence, even going so far as preventing them from collecting evidence off the body until he conducts his examination in the autopsy room.

He performs his duties with much enthusiasm, examples range from boiling bones in front of Walter Simmons without warning ("F-T-F") to simply losing himself in the excitement of a discovery over the fate of the deceased ("Stoned Cold" ), causing Horatio and the others to call him "back to Earth" with a more or less firm "Doctor!". Still, if the situation demands, he is capable of keeping a clear head and staying focused, and quick to give good advice ("Blown Away").

Season Eight[]

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Season Nine[]

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Season Ten[]

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  • He is a fan of Dr. Langston's book and strongly admires him for standing up to the system (episode 807, "Bone Voyage").
  • Despite being the team's new ME, he doesn't receive starring credits, only guest starring.