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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Tomas Molinez
Gender Male
Family Unnamed wife
Unnamed children
City Las Vegas
Occupation Student
Pathology Cop Killer

Serial killer

Drunk driver

Modus Operandi DUI crash (unintentional)
No. of Victims 3 unintentionally (DUI)
Vance Tolsom
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Luis Jose Lopez
First Appearance The List

Tomas Molinez was a Hispanic American inmate who was hired to kill former cop turned inmate Vance Tolsom, who was framed of murdering his wife. For $5,000, he was hired by the alleged murder victim, Anne-Marie Tolsom, who wasn't actually murdered and her corrections officer boyfriend Jarrod Malone.

He was originally in prison for a DUI that resulted in the deaths of three others.


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