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Minor Character: Miami
Name Tony Enright
Gender Male
Family Victoria Enright (wife, deceased)
Occupation Pornographer
Budding Serial Killer
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Paul Blackthorne
First Appearance L.A.

Tony Enright was a pornographer and budding serial killer who killed his wife but was never convicted in Los Angeles. He is known as Jesse Cardoza's archenemy.


Tony was a pornographer who lived in L.A. who married a woman named Victoria and frequently beat her. One day he stabbed her to death and then called his lawyer, Darren Vogel, to represent him in the ensuing trial. During the trial Darren attacked CSI Jesse Cardoza, who handled the case, over a missing cufflink he had photographed at the scene. His ensuing arguments made it look like Jesse pocketed the cufflink and planted it in order to make sure Enright went to prison.

Enright took revenge on Jesse for this by killing Jesse's wife, Tracy, which drove Jesse to become obsessed with Enright. Enright later dated a woman named Anna Kitson and she was none the wiser to his crimes. Jesse followed him everywhere and tried to warn Anna of what kind of a man he was, but she wouldn't listen. Anna later moved with Tony to Miami with Jesse right on their tail.

Season Eight


After a successful year in his business he decided to reward one of his employees, Coop Daley by allowing Coop to "have" Anna. Tony drugged her and Coop raped her, when Leslie walked in and saw what Coop was doing. She tried running out for help but was grabbed by Coop and stabbed in the neck with a pen.

After police arrive on the scene they find compelling evidence that Coop was the one who killed Leslie but didn't have enough to convict him. They find a bug inside the lamp in the room where Leslie was killed that was placed by Jessie. On the recording is a vocal account of the murder, however the evidence cannot be used in court as Jessie has the reputation of being a corrupt cop due to past an accusation of tampering with evidence in L.A.

Horatio heads to L.A with Eric to clear Jessie's name. Working with CSI's back in Miami Horatio and Eric follow the evidence and eventually discover that the cufflink was planted by Tony's lawyer to get his client off. They find out that Jessie's former Captain's crime committed the crime Jessie was accused of. Tony's involvement in Leslie's death and Anna's rape is revealed thanks to his partner turning on him. Jesse is finally cleared and Tony is arrested for felony murder. Tony tries to appeal to Anna but she just spits at him in disgust and shouts that he will get out with his lawyer's help and that she will pay.

Known Victims

  • 2007:
    • November 12: Victoria Enright (his wife; cut her throat to near-decapitation)
    • November-December: Tracy Cardoza (Jesse's wife; killed)

Victims by Proxy

  • March 1, 2010:
    • Anna Kitson (his girlfriend; drugged by Tony and raped by Coop Daly)
    • Leslie Stultz (her neck was slashed with a felt-tip pen by Coop Daly)


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