Minor Character: Miami
Name Tony Macken
Gender Male
City Miami
Occupation Aviation channels monitor
Pathology Stalker
Modus Operandi Hidden bedroom cameras
No. of Victims 6+ peeped on
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Anson Mount
First Appearance Not Landing

Tony Macken is a neighborhood voyeur appearing in Not Landing.


Macken was a cul-de-sac neighbor of Wes and Cindy Gallagher, Wendy and Adam Decker, and Jeff and Heddy Latham. He loves aviation, but because he can't fly, he instead listens in on FAA channels, even pitching in by making calls during crises. Unbeknownst to his neighbors, he's also a voyeur, having installed discreetly hidden cameras in their homes and transmitting live footage into his network through a WiFi router. He particularly favored their bedrooms to watch them have sex. His life got even more scandalous when Wendy Decker seduced him to start an affair, getting revenge on her husband from assuming he was cheating as well. What they didn't know is Adam was working with Heddy and Wes to assemble a state-of-the-art plan, but Heddy sabotaged Adam's plane to kill him for revenge for stealing her dreams when he planned to take the plans for himself. Wes also planted bombs in the plane, figuring Adam would be alive to land it being a great pilot. The day the plane was malfunctioning, Macken heard the warning on his channels, but he called fifteen minutes after Decker already passed out from high carbon gas leak levels because he was preoccupied with sex with Wendy.

Not Landing[]

When Decker's plane crashed on a beach and narrowly missed every one of the many beachgoers on the shore, being the only casualty, the CSIs question the cul-de-sac, back and forth. After finding out Wes planted the bombs and Adam was taking a drug smuggling flight to Mexico, they go between the neighbors and find their private bad blood between each other that's kept within the borders of the neighborhood. But they also find Macken's FAA call,, which is revealed to have been late because of the affair, which Wendy confirms despite being embarrassed. But while at Wendy's house, they find Macken's camera there - and then at the Gallaghers, then the Lathams. Find the transmitter in a tree, it's traced back to Macken. A drill bit matching the one Heddy used to sabotage the plane is also found missing, but Macken says he lent it to the Lathams. Macken's voyeuristic tapes eventually prove crucial to Heddy being found out and arrested as Decker's killer. Macken is presumably incarcerated for voyeurism.

Known Victims[]

  • Wendy and Adam Decker (installed hidden cameras in their bedrooms; recorded their sex in tapes)
  • Wes and Cindy Gallagher (installed hidden cameras in their bedrooms; recorded their sex in tapes)
  • Heddy and Jeff Latham (installed hidden cameras in their bedrooms; recorded their sex in tapes)
  • Presumably other people (installed hidden cameras in their bedrooms; recorded their sex in tapes)