Minor Character: Miami
Name Unknown
Alias Tricia Quimby
Gender Female
City Miami
Pathology Robber
Modus Operandi Working with a partner
Status Alive
Portrayed By Alicia Lagano
First Appearance Blood Lust

Tricia Quimby (real name unknown) is a paroled robber and a suspect in a series of killings in the episode Blood Lust in CSI:Miami.


Tricia had a record of robbery, which she committed with a partner. She was released and changed her name to start a new life, dating a bartender named Art Gelway. When Michelle and Dennis Baldwin were kidnapping and murdering women, including Allison Caldwell, a waitress who worked at Art's bar, it was Art and Tricia who were suspected and brought in for questioning, because Allison had problems with Art while she was working. Finding out about Tricia's record left her more suspect, but she elaborated she just wanted to start over. When another woman named Wendy Gibson is kidnapped and later rescued, while Art and Tricia are in custody, Wendy exonerates the couple because the Baldwins were at the house shortly before the police arrived. Art and Tricia were released, and in a standoff, Dennis was killed and Michelle was arrested.