Turn, Turn, Turn
Season 9
Number 16
Writer Tom Mularz
Director Richard J. Lewis
Original Airdate March 5, 2009
Previous Episode: Kill Me If You Can
Next Episode: No Way Out

Turn, Turn, Turn is the sixteenth episode in Season Nine of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


On Nick's birthday, he gets called out to investigate the murder of a teenage girl he knows from a series of cases over the year.


The team gives a somewhat unenthusiastic Nick a cake on his birthday. When a call comes in for a 419 at the Park Pines Motel, he volunteers to take it, leaving the partygoers and cake behind. Upon arriving at the scene, he learns that the victim is 16-year-old Haley Jones, a girl he had met previously. Her parents, Mark and Nicole, run the motel.

Victims: Harry Steadwell and Dale Durney (both deceased)

On the case: Greg Sanders, Nick Stokes, Louis Vartann

Nick flashes back to when he first met Haley on his birthday the previous year after a man, Harry Steadwell, was found dead in his room. The room reeks of decomposition; however, Harry died recently from a blow to the back of the head and his body is still warm. A gunshot was heard and a gun is found in the room that's missing one round. Curiously, there's some kind of remote opener on the dresser. Blood and hair on the edge of the dresser suggest Harry fell and hit his head. When Nick finds a bullet hole in the ceiling, he theorizes that Harry stood on the chair, fired his gun and fell backwards, resulting in him hitting his head. Something oozes from the hole in the ceiling and lands on David Phillips below.

As Nick goes to talk to the new manager of the motel, Mark Jones, a raggedy-looking tenant, asks him for $5 for a cup of coffee. When Nick politely declines, the man says that he'll be back, as the manager is always banging on the same door every night yelling that the cops are coming. Det. Vartann tells Nick that the old manager skipped town and that it's the Jones' first day at the motel. As Nick opens the crawl space to the room next to Harry's, Haley watches from the doorway and shows interest before being called away. Greg offers to go up into the crawl space as a birthday present to Nick; while up there, he comes across the smelly, dead body.

The ripe victim is identified as Dale Durney, the former manager of the motel, and there's a wad of cash in one of his pockets. A gray substance on the money is identified as the same insulation that's in the crawl space. Prints on the remote come back to Dale, while prints on the rubber band around the money belong to both Dale and Harry. The batteries in the remote are dead, as well. Nick theorizes that when Harry checked into the motel room, he stashed the money in the ceiling; however, he got arrested on the same day for violating a restraining order. He then went back to the motel to retrieve his money. But, why would he fire his gun at a dead body?

Doc Robbins tells Nick that Dale has been dead for a week, and confirms that the bullet wound occurred postmortem. His cause of death is actually electrocution, and being trapped in a hot crawl space accelerated decomposition.

In the crawl space, Greg finds the control panel for the remote and discovers that the access panel is a giant electromagnet. Nick recalls what he was told earlier about the cops being called to the motel every night. Since neither he nor Greg remember any callouts, Nick guesses that the whole thing was a setup. He theorizes that Dale made it seem like the cops were on the premises so he could see where Harry was hiding his loot. Dale then turned on his magnet to seal the access panel; however, when he went to see what was hidden up there later on, the batteries in the remote were dead. He gained access through the adjoining room and while making his way through the crawl space, electrocuted himself on an exposed wire. A week later, Harry got out of jail and came back for his money. Nick guesses that Harry tried using his gun to break open the panel, which ended up getting magnetized. It accidentally fired, piercing Dale's dead body and causing Harry to fall backwards and hit his head.

The case solved, Nick gives Mark the phone numbers of some crime scene cleanup technicians. He sees Haley riding with another girl named Bree Lindale and is told that they've been friends for a while. On his way out, Nick hands the man from earlier $5.

Victim: Bree Lindale (alive)

On the case: Catherine Willows, Nick Stokes, Jim Brass

Time moves forward and, 125 days later, Nick is back at the motel. This time, Bree is sitting on the back of an ambulance while Haley gives her a death stare from across the parking lot. Bree tells Nick and Brass that the Joneses are weird; Nicole would just stare at her, while Haley styled her blonde hair to match Bree's. She says that she turned 16 that night and had a bonfire to celebrate. Suddenly, the "world got weird" and she woke up in the Jones' living room at the motel with her pants off and Mark standing over her.

Nick enters the room to find a partially comatose Mark sitting there. He collects Mark's underwear; while doing so, he finds a key to the room in Bree's jeans pocket. Mark swears that he was sleeping and that when he woke up, Bree just ran off. He also explains that Bree has a key to the room and stays there when her parents are working.

In the parking lot, Nick finds mud on the tires of the Jones' SUV consistent with mud found on the bottom of Bree's shoes. When pressed, Nicole admits that she knew what was going to be going on at the bonfire and drove there to take pictures in an effort to show Haley what occurs at such parties. A mortified Haley tells her mother that she hates her before being whisked away.

In the hospital, Bree identifies the boys in the photo as baseball players, all of whom she has dated or is currently dating (and one who wants to date her). A boy dressed in all black is identified as Zack Fenish, an uninvited guest. Bree tells Catherine that she filed a restraining order against Zack the previous semester. Under interrogation, Zack admits to actually stalking Haley, who is always following Bree around. He admits he was at the party, but left when he found out Haley wasn't there. Zack tells Brass that his only mode of transportation is a bike, so he couldn't have really taken Bree anywhere secluded.

Archie uncovers deleted photos on the camera, and they're all of Bree. Under interrogation, Nicole tells Brass that her first daughter, Melissa, died when she was an infant and that she always imagined that she would've grown up to look like Bree. She deleted the photos to prevent Haley from finding them, as Haley was never told about Melissa. Meanwhile, Bree's tox results show that she was dosed with GHB, but her sexual assault exam kit came back negative. The GHB is later found in the truck of baseball player Dave Henkel.

Dave tells Nick that Bree is his girlfriend, but that he's never able to get any action, as she claims she's saving herself. However, rumors were spread that Bree was spending time with another player and that they even had a motel room (he had seen Bree holding onto the key previously given to her). A jealous Dave admits to dosing Bree's drink with GHB and driving her to the motel to use the room. As Dave tried to make his move, though, Bree woke up and stormed out of the truck.

Surveillance photos show a lucid Bree walking down Fremont Street, two blocks from the motel. She admits to Catherine that the Joneses didn't kidnap or drug her; she only made up the story to stop Haley from being friends with her. Catherine is surprised that Bree was drugged and almost raped by her boyfriend, but was willing to let Haley and her family take the rap.

Nick returns to the motel to drop off the camera and some other items pertinent to the investigation. The man he gave $5 to earlier informs him that he's been sober since and shows that he's improved his wardrobe. Haley shows Nick her Friend Agenda page; her "friends" have labeled her as weird and a freak. Nick assures her that it will blow over, to which Haley responds that her life is over and angrily walks away.

Victims: Tanya Carrow and Haley Jones (both deceased)

On the case: Nick Stokes, Raymond Langston, Riley Adams, Jim Brass

Time moves forward again, and Nick is called to another scene at the motel 123 days later. Haley, now dressed as a goth, has found a dead body in one of the rooms. The victim is identified as Tanya Carrow, who apparently suffered from an overdose as evidenced by the foam around her mouth. There's a broken lamp in the room, but no sign of drug paraphernalia or any personal items. Tanya's record indicates that she was just released from Arizona State Penitentiary after a nine-year sentence for narcotics possession. Two people having sex in the room next door piques the interest of Nick and Riley, as they wonder if the two heard anything the night before. When questioned by Riley, the couple shows her that they were filming their escapades for several hours.

In the A/V lab, Archie works on isolating the sounds on the video and is able to separate out two female voices yelling at each other in the adjoining room. Meanwhile, in the morgue, Tanya's father Frank identifies her body and laments the fact that she ended up getting into drugs and spending time in juvenile detention as a teenager. Frank later stops by the motel and leaves a memorial with flowers and a photo of Tanya holding a baby. Haley eventually finds the photo and takes an interest in it, pocketing it and walking away.

Back in the present, Nick crouches over Haley's body, which has been found in the middle of the motel parking lot. David Phillips tells him that she was stabbed in the chest. Due to the close proximity of the stabbing, David figures that the killer is probably covered in blood. Brass informs Nick that they have a suspect: Haley had an ugly break-up with her ex-boyfriend the day before and things had escalated enough to get the police involved. David finds the photo of Tanya in Haley's pocket; Langston, now on the scene, remarks that the two girls have similar hairstyles.

Zack Fenish is once again brought in for questioning. He tells Brass that Haley said she had a "miraculous vision of her destiny" and that she was going to embrace it that day. Zack reluctantly presents his alibi for the time of Haley's murder—he was in Reno dealing crystal meth, something he and Haley did often. He claims that he would've stopped doing so for Haley if it would’ve kept them together.

Langston is able to identify where and when the photo found in Haley's pocket was taken—White Sands Youth Detention Center in Arizona, 1993. They were able to narrow down the time of year to summer and find out that three Caucasian females gave birth that summer; one of those babies had the same birth date as Haley. The birth mother's name is Tanya Carrow, a name Nick immediately recognizes. He pulls the case file to show Langston and guesses that Tanya went to the motel looking for her daughter. The Joneses had previously denied knowing Tanya, and Nick now thinks they're lying.

A flashback shows Tanya arriving at the motel, much to the dismay of the Joneses. Under interrogation, Mark tells Brass that Tanya babysat their first daughter, Melissa, and killed her by leaving her in the bathtub while she was doing drugs. While in juvenile detention, Tanya found out she was pregnant and reached out to the Joneses to make amends—giving them her baby to make up for Melissa, a life for a life. When Tanya got out, she went to the motel looking for Haley; Mark gave her a room. He says that Nicole went to see her that night and told her she could never see Haley, which resulted in a shouting match. Mark figures that Tanya killed herself due to being turned away.

While searching the Jones' room, Nick is interrupted by the raggedy-looking man from earlier, only now he's cleaned up and moving out. He tells Nick that, a few months ago, he saw Nicole walk across the street to discard two coffee cups, which he found odd. When he checked out the dumpster, he found some crystal meth in one of the cups. The next day, Nick and Riley were called in to investigate Tanya's death. Langston then shows Nick a bloody shirt that he found stuffed under a mattress.

When confronted with the evidence, Nicole tells Nick that Haley's death was an accident. The two got into an argument about Haley's hair, which she styled after Tanya from the photo. Nicole followed Haley into the parking lot threatening to cut her hair; when Haley turned around, she ended up getting stabbed in the chest when she rotated right in the direction of the blades while she shuffled. When Nick asks Nicole why she didn't call for help, she says that she was in shock and was worn down by Haley's rebellious behavior.

Nick guesses that Nicole hated Haley's hair because it was like her real mother's, the same woman she killed four months ago. Nicole claims that Tanya was an addict who killed herself, but Nick tells her that the stash of meth Haley was holding for her boyfriend was the same as the sample found in Tanya's system the night she died. Nick gets Nicole to admit to killing Tanya because she couldn't bear the thought of having her first daughter's killer staying in the next room. Haley styling her look after Tanya's was the icing on the cake, which resulted in Nicole basically killing Tanya twice. Nicole admits that she never wanted Haley, saying it was like living with the ghost of Melissa's murderer.

Later, in the station locker room, Langston comforts a distraught Nick, who says that Haley didn't have to die. He laments the fact that he didn't solve Tanya's murder sooner, as Nicole would've been arrested and Haley would still be alive. Langston tries to comfort him by telling him that Haley died because of events set in motion long before she was born. Before leaving Nick to grieve, he adds, "You know, Nick? Everyone keeps telling me what this job isn't. How you feel right now tells me what it is."


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Episode Title[]

  • The episode title is a likely in reference to the 1965 song "Turn! Turn! Turn!" by The Byrds, the lyrics of which come from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 in the Bible.


  • The Lovely Machine by Head Popping Through
  • You're not Sorry by Taylor Swift


Nick and David Phillips are in a motel room with a dead body. The room reeks of decomp but the body hasn't been dead that long and no one can figure out where the smell is coming from
Nick Stokes: It's the immaculate decomposition


  • In one of the flashbacks Nick has Grissom's name spelled "Grissiom" in his phone. Having been his boss for many years, Nick would know how to spell his name correctly.
  • In the same flashback, the phone displays the year 2009 but it should be 2008, the year earlier.
  • In the flashback to Tanya's death, Warrick's dead; however, in the present timeline, the evidence photo states 2007, when Warrick would be still alive.
  • When Riley knocks on the hotel room door to the people making the porn tapes, the guy has his hands on the door, but drops them as soon as the door is open; however, in the next shot, his hand is on the door again. Also, the position of the door between the man's body changes in between shots, going from a few inches to almost a foot of space.
  • Nick first gets to the Park Pines Motel and kneels by Hayley's dead body. He than hears her voice asking "What happened?" Nick stands up and turns around, where the first transition occurs, changing the time period to a 365 days before. In the background, the Rio Hotel and Stratosphere are shown. The address for the Rio is 3700 West Flamingo Road. The address for the Stratosphere is 2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South. These two hotels are on opposite sides of the Las Vegas Strip, about 10-15 minutes apart.


  • When Grissom calls Nick to wish him a happy birthday, he mentions that he just got finished testifying in court about a case involving decapitation by blown tire. This could be referencing the Season Eight episode A La Cart.


  • Haley Jones was played by world-famous pop star Taylor Swift, who's song You're Not Sorry was featured in the episode.
  • Lisa Darr played Nicole Jones in the episode. She also appeared in the Season 1 episode Gentle, Gentle playing a different role.

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