CSI NY - Unwrapped
Season 8
Number 17
Writer John Dove,
Christopher Silber
Director Deran Sarafian
Original Airdate May 4, 2012
Previous Episode: Sláinte
Next Episode: Near Death

Unwrapped is the seventeenth episode in Season Eight of CSI: NY.


The CSIs are called to a Brooklyn housing project to investigate the murder of a successful businessman who still felt the pull of his old neighborhood.


In a busy street, people are finding their leisure time: Playing dice or chess. Then a limo drives in the area, and a married couple are disembarking from the limo with a full pack of gifts, looking forward to a family visit. When a group of teenagers are arguing about who is cheating for rolling the dice, a gunshot is heard, with a masked gunman is immediately fleeing from a building. The husband is found shot. Despite a man rushing to call 911, the husband dies in his wife's arms, with his final breath asking his wife not to cry.

Mac, Jo and Flack are responding to this case. The victim is Kelvin Moore, a successful accountant grew up from the building where he was murdered. He and his wife, Elaine, are suppose to visit their sister-in-law, Alicia, with gifts to their niece. Eyewitnesses only sees a masked gunman escaping the scene on foot. When everyone who meets the detectives have a high recommendation to Kelvin, Mac is determined to find out who is responsible for his murder.

Danny, Lindsay and Hawkes joins the team to process the crime scene, while Lindsay is touching when she looks at the scene and starts thinking about her daughter's birthday the following day. As a result, Hawkes offers her to interview the victim's wife, that may find Lindsay some way to keep positive to her daughter's big day. Hawkes finds an unknown object from victim's pool of blood and some substance besides the packs of presents, with Danny is walking outside the building to seek evidence, which he finds torn paper with some sort of mark prints on it. Later, he finds the victim's wallet in a drainage.

Meanwhile, Lindsay is interviewing Elaine to see what she can remember when the murder happened. She saw a black man, in a ski mask, with a silver gun, comes into the building after them and robbed them for valuables. Kelvin struggles with the gunman and the he shot Kelvin in a close range.

Jo and Flack interviews Alicia with her neighbor, Clyde Duvall. Alicia shares the story of Kelvin and Elaine and Clyde shares the good deed Kelvin made to the neighborhood.

Sid examines Kelvin's body in the morgue; he first finds some substance on the victim's hand, confirming the COD was the massive internal injuries of multiple organs caused by the single gunshot who penetrated his chest. Based on the gunshot wound, GSR pattern, it suggest the victim was not being shot from a close range, which contradicts Elaine's statement.

In the lab, Danny and Hawkes are processing the evidence gathered from the crime scene for analysis. Danny successfully located a fingerprint from the victim's wallet and an ID of a Morris Davis who had several arrest records and live next to Alicia's place, with Hawkes retrieved a number from a piece of paper covered in blood.

Mac and Danny pay a visit to Morris Davis, but Davis claims he has nothing to do on Kelvin's murder: He only hit with a man in running, and saw the wallet left behind, he took the money clipped outside the wallet and dumped it into the drainage. He did not have a clear look on the man. And surprisingly, Davis surrenders the money he took from Kelvin's wallet to Danny, claiming he would not take anything from a man like Kelvin, with telling that Kelvin was trying to persuade the street kids to a right course. Mac is puzzled if robbery is the real motive as he easily dropped the wallet he took from the victim.

Hawkes shares his findings on trace evidence to Jo and Lindsay: The substance found on the floor of the crime scene is a mix of porcelain. The torn note paper contains a New York prison inmate number that he finds a match to a Willis Frazier, who recently got released in parole, grow up in the building where the murder happened, and he missed the meeting with his parole officer, same time when Kelvin was killed.

Lindsay, Flack and NYPD officers storms Willis' apartment to apprehend him, but they are surprised to see Elaine is also inside the apartment.

When Lindsay interrogates Elaine in the precinct, Lindsay says what she got: Elaine wrote to Willis and puts money into his commissary account regularly when he is imprisoned. Even Elaine claims her innocence, Lindsay accuse Elaine may employ Willis to kill her husband to cover the affair between Willis and her. Elaine admits she loved both Willis and Kelvin, and she did not seek Kelvin as a replacement. Then Lindsay shows the proof that Elaine was lying to her about what happened while Kelvin is killed, Elaine stopped the talking.

In another room, Jo interrogates Willis on stating all of his rap sheet and wonders if murder is now a part of his resume, by raising the fact that he missed the meeting with parole officer, as Kelvin was murdered at the same time. He claimed he had nothing to do with Kelvin's murder as he is treating Elaine as good as he want to do so, and Kelvin's good deed doesn't make sense for killing him.

Hawkes comes up with new lead, the substance on the victim's hand is mostly axle grease with traces of naphtha kerosene and corrosion inhibitors, which are ingredients of a jet fuel.

Mac receives a call from Christine that she cannot decide what gift she should buy for Lucy's birthday, and showing worries what if Mac's coworkers will think about her when she is attending Lucy's birthday party. Mac just reassure her that she will be welcomed by his fellow coworkers. After hanging up the call, he meets with Danny and Adam for the analysis on the gift packs that the Moore couple are carrying are wrapped with a same paper which Danny found a torn piece at the street not far away from the murder scene. With the blood spatter recorded from the murder scene, that suggest the gunman was eager to take away one gift pack which caused Kelvin killed. But what's inside this particular pack remains a mystery.

The following day, Lindsay and Flack go to Willis apartment and ask the whereabouts of Elaine, he tipped Elaine acted strangely shortly before her husband's murder, by making secret calls to someone that Willis is unfamiliar with. While talking about the gift packs, Willis told the detectives that Elaine was wrapping the gifts at his place on the night before Kelvin's murder, without giving any reason, but he shares something that Elaine left behind, a broken statue inside the garbage bin.

Hawkes assembles the broken pieces and turn out to be a Maneki Neko, with the porcelain match to the substance as found on the murder scene. But what's more, trace of cocaine was found from the broken pieces of this statue, that explains the statue is a tool of drug smuggling. That adds more odds to the case, does Elaine, Alicia and Kelvin are involved in drug crimes?

Danny comes up with new information from his friend in Narcotics, that a Confidential Informant informed the cops that the Maximo and Liebert Webster brothers were processing some 2 kilos of cocaine inside their apartment, aside from Alicia's house, two days prior the murder, but founds out nothing when the nacro cops stormed the place.

Danny, Flack and a team of officers go back the building to see if Alicia and Websters' are there, but find neither of them. A neighbor tells the detectives all the neighbors knew what Webster's are doing and avoids to make trouble with them. And there is no sign of Alicia after taking her daughter to bus stop this morning.

Hawkes successfully links to symbol under the broken Maneki Neko as the logo of its manufacturer, it is not popular merchandise but one store in Chelsea made large purchases every month gets the detectives' attention. When the detectives moves to the store, they spotted Alicia and Elaine are just coming out from the store with another Maneki Neko, Alicia tries to run away from the cops but Flack grabs her with the statue broke and cocaine spills up. Then she tells Flack what happened, Webster brothers abduct her daughter and threaten to kill her if Alicia did not give them back the drugs.

Mac, Danny, Flack and SWAT officers storms the place where they should meet for the exchange, and Mac immediately shoot down one Webster, when the rest are busying on apprehending the other Webster and rescue the abducted kid.

Alicia tells Jo what really happened, the Webster brothers forced Alicia to hide the drugs for them when the drug bust happened, and threatening to kill them if they do not comply. However, being panicked, Alicia flushed all the drugs away. When the Webster brothers found out the truth, they forced Alicia to give them the same amount of cocaine. If she did not comply, they will kill her daughter first, then Alicia. So Alicia asked for Elaine's assistance, that Elaine knew a connection on how to get the drugs. And Elaine decide to deliver the drugs under the disguise of a family visit. Kelvin and Willis are unaware of what they are doing. Then Elaine tells Lindsay what really happened when her husband is killed. The gunman did made a gun point at them for valuables, but the gunman keeps asking Elaine "Where is it?" Kelvin was confused to hear what the gunman is saying and when Elaine points out a package to the gunman, Kelvin confronted him and pushed him on the floor, then the gunman shot Kelvin on a distanced range and took away the pack contains the drug. But today, the Webster brothers abducts Alicia's daughter for the drugs, which means they are not responsible for Kelvin's murder. So the killer must know all of these details, but who?

Mac comes out a solution: Go back to Alicia's apartment. When Jo and Lindsay are talking with Alicia at her place, Mac and Flack are on the other side of the wall, where Clyde resides, and they can hear the ladies' conversation clearly. So Mac and Flack know Clyde is the one who knows all the details about these trouble, with the fact they found Clyde was once worked in jet refueling at an airline which explain the trace of jet fuel on Kelvin's hand. Clyde attempted to pull out the gun under his shirt but he is quickly confronted by Mac and Flack. Clyde is under arrest for Kelvin's murder, and the surviving Webster brother is now in custody responsible for drug possession and kidnapping. But the police successfully rescued Alicia's daughter before another tragedy happens. They are reunited in the precinct.

At the end, Mac, Jo, Hawkes, Adam and Flack meet up at the lab before moving to Lucy's birthday party with their birthday gifts. That's Christine's first appearance to Mac's coworkers, who received a warm welcome. Before leaving, Christine and Mac have a personal chat, which shows love between them is being blossomed.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Megan Dodds as Christine Whitney
  • Sherri Saum as Elaine Moore
  • Toni Trucks as Alicia Woods
  • Lee Thompson Young as Kelvin Moore
  • Charles Malik Whitfield as Clyde Duvall
  • Ray Auxias as Liebert Webster
  • Terrence Julien as Maximo Webster
  • Mo McRae as Willis Frazier
  • Maestro Harrell as Morris Davis
  • D'Anthony Palms as Rydell Witherspoon
  • Ulysses Cuadra as Anthony James
  • Corinne Massiah as Michelle Woods

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