Up In Smoke
Season 6
Number 16
Writer Anthony E. Zuiker
Josh Berman
Director Duane Clark
Original Airdate March 02, 2006
Previous Episode: Pirates of the Third Reich
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Up In Smoke is the sixteenth episode in season six of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Smoke pouring out of a fireplace reveals a charred body who appears to be the son of the house's owner. The discovery turns out to be connected to a case from a year earlier when a young girl disappeared on her way to the house.


Victims: Unknown victim (deceased), Caroline Fitzgibbons (missing)

Martin Sidley lights a fire in his fireplace for his date. The romance ends quickly as the fireplace becomes backed up and smoke starts entering the room. When the fire department is called to the scene to check the chimney, they find a charred body buried in it.

Nick and Sara are called to the scene. Sara drills through the bricks to the chimney; afterwards, Nick punches through the clay backing to reveal the body. Based on the lack of decomp and the position of the body, they guess that that it was burned somewhere else and dumped into the chimney. David Phillips arrives on the scene later and says that, based on the mold on the body, it was burned a few days ago. He adds the shape of the pelvic bone indicates that the victim is a male.

Sofia and Brass talk to Martin and his date. Martin claims that he last used the fireplace a few months ago and they both assumed that a rat had gotten caught in the chimney. He tells Sara that there is a ladder leaning up against the chimney because he used it to take down Christmas lights. Sara takes his fingerprints to eliminate the ones found on the ladder.

David Phillips processes the body and finds a burnt piece of plastic on it that could be the victim's credit card. Meanwhile, Catherine and Warrick discuss the case of Caroline Fitzgibbons, a missing underage girl who was allegedly having an affair with Martin. She was an aspiring photographer and Martin was an avid collector. A flashback shows them visiting Martin at his house but being denied entry due to the lack of a warrant. In the present, they head back to Martin's house, fill Sara in on the missing persons case and ask to be involved.

With help from Greg, Nick discovers that the card found on the burnt victim is a gym membership card; he is able to restore the picture, but not get a name. Meanwhile, back at Martin's house, Sara collects prints from the chimney as well as from a vent on the roof. She also finds a white piece of thin plastic wedged in the shingles. Inside the house, Catherine finds evidence of bleach or a similar cleaning compound in an area of the living room; however, it tests negative for blood. Warrick pries a piece of wood from the stairs and finds a drop of blood on the underside.

Martin is brought in for interrogation. He admits to Catherine that he met with Caroline five or six times to discuss her work and his interest in purchasing it, but denies having sexual relations with her. Catherine presents the wood with the blood spot on it, but Martin's lawyer tells her that this is outside of the scope of their warrant and was illegally seized. Nick is called in with the printout of the gym membership card to see if Martin can identify the card's owner based on the photo. Martin identifies the owner as his son, Tad.

In autopsy, Doc Robbins shows Nick that the burned victim suffered a subdural hematoma, meaning that he suffered blunt force trauma before being put in the chimney. Meanwhile, Mandy finds that all of the prints from the chimney are from the same person; however, none of them match Martin or Tad. It is found that the prints belong to a Jonathan Wax, who was released from prison six months ago.

Sara questions Jonathan, who doesn't recognize Tad from his photo. The name Sidley eventually resonates with him and he explains to Sara that his prints were on the chimney because he cleans chimneys and fireplaces. He remembers that Martin had a big chimney and tells Sara that if he had found a body inside of it while cleaning it, he would have called 9-1-1.

Ecklie stops Catherine in the hall to discuss her search of Martin's house. He tells her that future searches of the house are to be limited to the areas pertaining to the case at hand. Warrick arrives and tells Catherine that Tad was a student at WLVU and had a roommate. Based on the fact that Doc Robbins said the victim had been dead for at least two weeks, he wonders why the roommate wouldn't report Tad missing.

Catherine and Warrick visit Tad's dorm room and speak to his roommate. The roommate confirms that he hasn't seen Tad for a few weeks, but adds that Tad wasn't around much to begin with. As they search the room, Warrick finds a post-it note on Tad's bulletin board with Don Fitzgibbons' name and phone number on it. They wonder why Tad would have spoken to Caroline's father.

Hodges finds that the plastic Sara recovered from the roof is polyethylene plastic, which has numerous uses. Meanwhile, Catherine speaks with Don Fitzgibbons, who provides her with some of Caroline's personal belongings to have her DNA tested against the blood drop. When asked about the post-it note, he admits that he tried appealing to Tad when he couldn't get access to Martin's house; however, Tad refused to help. He left the note for Tad and told him to call anytime if he changed his mind, but Tad never did.

Wendy tells Catherine and Warrick that the DNA from Caroline's brush matches the DNA from the blood drop found on the wood floor. Warrick believes that the case is closed, but Catherine reminds him that one drop of blood won't be enough to convict Martin, especially since he admitted that Caroline was already in his house.

As Grissom compares Tad's gym membership photo and the photo of the burned body, Sofia enters his office and informs him that Tad's credit card was used at a gas station in Seven Hills. The surveillance tapes are brought into the AV lab; there, Grissom and Nick find that Tad is very much alive and that he was the one who used the card. The question now is: whose body is in the morgue?

Sara lays out photos from both cases and goes over them with Catherine. From the crime scene sketches, Catherine notices a discrepancy in the distance between the chimney and the east wall in Martin's house - the wall is seventeen feet from the chimney in the living room, but only fourteen feet from the chimney in the attic. Sara admits that they only excavated the west-facing side of the chimney.

At the house, Catherine and Sara immediately see that the brick exterior of the chimney has been extended. When Sara breaks through the chimney, she finds that it's hollow and has no clay backing. As she removes more bricks, she finds Caroline's body. Based on the blood, they figure that Caroline was still alive when she was sealed inside the chimney.

Tad is found and lets Sofia know that he had been in Mexico and California for the past few weeks. He cannot explain how his gym membership ended up in a dead man's pocket. In the morgue, Doc Robbins shows Catherine that Caroline was stabbed four times and no major organs were hit, meaning that she bled to death slowly. She also had several defensive wounds on both wrists. The doc adds that Caroline was raped. Catherine guesses that Caroline was stabbed in the living room and brought up to the attic, which would explain the evidence of blood pools in both locations. Grissom enters and informs Catherine that Tad is alive and their burned body is now a John Doe.

Martin is brought in for questioning again and is surprised when Catherine tells him that Caroline's body was found in his chimney. After thinking about it for a bit, he tells Catherine that he came home early from being out of town and found Tad bricking up the chimney with Caroline's body inside of it. He claims that Tad and Caroline had been dating and that they had gotten into a fight. Tad watches the interrogation from behind the glass and tells Sofia and Warrick that his father is lying. He says that he met Caroline once and after he found out she was missing, his father wouldn't let him near the house. Tad enters the interrogation room and confronts his father, who is surprised that his son is still alive.

Sara shows Catherine that an unknown print from the chimney cap matched the partial print retrieved from the post-it note in Tad's dorm room. Both prints belong to Caroline's father, Don. She adds that Don works at the hospital and that their body bags are made of polyethylene plastic, the same material that she found on the roof. Don would have access to those bags. Sara believes that Don knew that if he made Martin's house a crime scene, then CSIs would be able to get access to it.

In interrogation, Don admits that Sara's theory is true. He admits to stealing the body of an unidentifiable John Doe from the hospital morgue, climbing onto Martin's roof and putting the body in the chimney. Catherine asks why he put Tad's gym membership with the body and soon realizes that he wanted to make Martin feel the pain of losing a child. He apologizes for what he put the CSIs through, but says that it was all worth it since Martin is in jail and his daughter can have her funeral. In response, Catherine apologizes for the fact that they couldn't find Caroline without his help.


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  • Sleeper by Euphoria (ft. Tina Dico)
  • Professional Killer by KMFDM


  • The flashback scene where Catherine and Warrick visit Martin Sidley did not occur in a previous episode. It was filmed specifically for this episode.

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