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I've slowly been sucked into the CSI franchise, and at this point have seen almost every episode of CSI and CSI: NY... and most of CSI: Miami as well.

Unlike most wikis, this one requires watching *three* shows!! There have already been 511 episodes (213 on CSI, 174 on CSI: Miami, and 124 on CSI:NY), not all of which yet have a page in the wiki.

I've been slowly re-organizing and expanding the pages of the major CSIs. The Wikipedia pages were surprisingly sparse and lacking in citations, so hopefully we'll be able to create the authoritative source of information on the show.

My goals over the next six months:

  • Make sure that each major character page is clearly and consistently structured, so editors can easily edit and expand it.
  • Add citation tags to all unsourced facts on the site.
  • Contribute to and coordinate new episode pages, until we've got every episode in the wiki.
  • Make sure all episode pages have placeholders for all major sections.
  • Make sure the wiki is in-universe, especially since the Wikipedia material isn't in-universe. (e.g. say that Gil Grissom worked for the Las Vegas Crime Lab, rather than saying he's a CSI on CSI.

In terms of how to measure growth of the wiki:

  • I'd like to get to the wiki to around 750 pages, as a start.
  • I'd love to get more editors active on the site. :-)
  • Id't be great to increase the Google juice for major character pages. (Searching for "Catherine Willows" currently doesn't show our wiki page until result #42.)

Here are the specific projects I hope to work on:

  • Create pages for New York Crime Lab and Miami-Dade Crime Lab.
  • Document difference between LV CSI levels (Level 1 CSI, Level 2 CSI and Level 3 CSI) and NY CSI levels (Detective First Grade, Detective Second Grade, and Detective Third Grade).
  • Figure out how CSI:Miami CSI levels work.
  • Document exactly how each Crime Lab is structured (LVCL reports into the Undersheriff, NYCL seems to report to the Chief of Detectives?)
  • Document the senior administrators of each PD and Lab (e.g. the NY Chief of D's Brigham Sinclair)
  • Document the various shifts, and who works and supervises each shift.
  • Document all the various lab techs, and their various departments/disciplines (e.g. Questioned Documents)

Main Character pages on CSI and their status

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