Minor Character: Miami
Name Valerie Metcalf
Gender Female
City Miami
Occupation Advertising agency assistant
Pathology Poisoner
Attempted Murderer
Modus Operandi Arsenic poisoning
No. of Victims 2 poisoned
Status Presumably incarcerated
Portrayed By Kaylee DeFer
First Appearance Getting Axed

Valerie Metcalf is a revenge heavy metal poisoner appearing in Getting Axed in CSI:Miami


Metcalf worked as an assistant in Tabula Rasa advertising agency, her birthday arriving by the time the episode starts. She pulled the fire alarm for the sake of having more time to pick up her boyfriend, which delayed the surprise party but still gave it enough time to go ahead nonetheless. Unbeknownst to everyone there, Jeffrey Lipton took the opportunity to kill hated receptionist Renee Dorset with a fire ax, throwing her into an elevator shaft and wiping up the spatters of her blood, all with barely any blood in his clothes so no one noticed. Metcalf got to celebrate her birthday, but the sentiment of the day was ruined when Lipton was trapped in the elevator because of the late Dorset getting caught in the elevator cords, leading the lift to act up and Dorset's corpse eventually crash through the roof of the lift. Everyone at the office agreeably couldn't stand Dorset, with all the rumors she spread and rules she scrutinized them all over, making them all suspects. Metcalf is ousted as having pulled in the alarm from residue in her hands matching the lever, but she confesses her motives and it doesn't make her more suspicious for murder. However, when Dorset and squatter Teddy Enwald are both shown with mees lines on their fingernails, later revealed to be from arsenic poisoning, they find the source is Dorset's office lunch, which Enwald stole to eat. Metcalf passes the lunches out, and arsenic pills in a bottle in her desk reveal her as the poisoner. She got revenge against Dorset for outing she had herpes shown in medication she was prescribed, but she says she only wanted to poison Dorset enough to make her too sick to work, making her less competent in the office and hurting her job more like she did seemingly with many other employees. Calleigh Duquesne doesn't let the poisoning slide as a felonious crime, and Metcalf is at worst incarcerated.

Known Victims[]

  • Renee Dorset (slightly poisoned with arsenic in her lunch meals)
  • Teddy Enwald (incidental; poisoned with arsenic in Dorset's lunch meals he stole)