Minor Character: Miami
Gender Female
City Miami
Pathology Murderer
Modus Operandi Bludgeoning
No. of Victims 1 killed
Status Institutionalized/Incarcerated
Portrayed By Michelle Nolden
First Appearance Payback

Valerie Naff is a victim of a highly publicized rape that led to Brian Lexington being wrongfully convicted. She would later know the identity of the rapist, Jeff Colson, and murder Colson personally.


Valerie Naff was raped in her home by Jeff Colson, the realtor responsible for helping her buy her new house, having stolen her keys at a house party to get inside. A maintenance man named Brian Lexington was wrongfully convicted despite Colson leaving a pubic hair behind as evidence. Believing she had closure, she continued with her life and started dating another man, Doug Stets. But she was horrified to find out Lexington was released after being exonerated by DNA evidence. She immediately went to Horatio Caine, the head detective on her case, demanding to know if it's true, which he confirms. She then insists she deserves to know who was really responsible. She's later seen being interviewed again by the team, going through the events of her life at the time. When she says she lost her keys around that time, and that they were placed next to a picture frame Colson gave her, suspicion immediately turns to him. She later finds out from a private meeting with Lexington, which Caine sees, that Colson has a DNA evidence warrant in him. She not only confides in Doug out of horror, she keeps being haunted by Colson's face, ads of his businesses plastered everywhere only worsening her trauma. She finally snaps and confronts Colson at one of his listings, where Stets already beat him up and left him gasping for air on all fours. All she say is "I trusted you" before she grabs a nearby statue and beats his head with it until he dies, running and taking the weapon with her. She's later interrogated after the murder, feigning ignorance at being seen as a suspect. But what clinches it is once Stets' arrested for beating Colson, being a suspect due to having an old injury in his right shoulder and having a weaker arm, Caine realizes the killer has less upper body strength, leaving Colson's head les maimed than expected: the killer's a woman. Horatio meets Naff at her home and confronts her with the truth. She admits everything, from her horror over the revelation leading all the way up to the murder. She then starts to cry and asks scared what she'll face from justice. Caine says he doesn't know, but he'll assist her best he can walking her through it all. She's then taken into custody and either incarcerated or institutionalized, depending on her health and competence at the trial.

Known Victims[]

  • Jeff Colson (bludgeoned in the head four times with a statue; took the weapon with her)