Season 3
Number 22
Writer Corey Miller,
Sunil Nayar
Director Norberto Barba
Original Airdate May 9, 2005
Previous Episode: Recoil
Next Episode: Whacked

Vengeance is the twenty-second episode in Season Three of CSI: Miami.


When a former football star is murdered at a high school reunion, the CSIs must find the killer. The victim was the big man on campus in high school and there are a lot of guests at the reunion with reasons to resent him all these years. Now, the team must investigate everyone, from the head cheerleader to the school misfit, to see who held a decade-old grudge big enough to kill. Meanwhile, Horatio and Delko arrive at a crime scene and discover that it's already been processed, leading Horatio to uncover further information about his brother possibly being alive.


During a high school reunion a former football star, Patrick Hale, is bludgeoned to death with a champagne bottle taken from the school's time capsule. Despite the victim's previous popularity the team has no short of suspects. Patrick's wife fought with him over his cheating and also signed a life insurance just before the murder, Patrick's old mistress Michelle Day had sex with him during the party but was angered when he called her a whore and his old classmate Kevin Banks send a threatening note over Patrick's cheating in school complicating his university chances. However it's after Michelle reveals the salesman who sold the insurance, Dan Winslet, actually went to their school the case is cracked. After blood is found on his phone Dan confesses, he had to drop high school after a cruel prank by Patrick, during the party Dan went just to talk but became furious when Patrick was still unapologetic and killed him.

In the second case Horatio is called to a shooting in an apartment and is surprised to find the place was already processed, however the greatest shock it's the victim's identity: none other than Bob Keaton, the man previously arrested for killing Raymond Caine, Horatio's brother, but that was later discovered to be a undercover F.B.I agent. When a suspect, Julio Pena, who sold drugs to Bob is tracked down he's also killed by a sniper. They later discover that Julio was indeed involved but the killer is his employee Luis Rivera. After Alexx finds radiation poisoning in Julio's body Horatio and Eric investigate his house, they discover Julio was making dirty bombs and that Richard Thomason bought the x-ray machines used for it. While interrogating Thomason, Horatio is stopped by agent David Park, Park takes Thomason away and refuses to answer any questions, Horatio tell him he will get his answers. Yelina confronts Horatio suspecting Raymond is still alive and he confirms it's possible.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Rex Linn as Frank Tripp
  • Holt McCallany as John Hagen
  • Max Martini as Bob Keaton
  • Armando Valdes-Kennedy as Aaron Peters
  • Dylan Neal as Patrick Hale
    • Tyler Goucher as Teen Patrick Hale
  • Jessica Stone as Krystal Sneed
  • Megan Ward as Jennie Hale
  • Katy Selverstone as Michelle Day
  • Christian Monzon as Officer Joe McCue
  • Nick Jaine as Asst. M.E. Scott Sanders
  • Richard Speight Jr. as Kevin Banks
  • Kimiko Gelman as Dr. Nicole Talcott
  • Paul Fitzgerald as Dan Winslet
    • Gregory Mikurak as Teen Dan Winslet
  • Andre Royo as Julio Pena
  • Marcus Patrick as Luis Rivera
  • Lance Reddick as David Park
  • Eli Danker as Richard Thomason

Major Events[]

  • Bob Keaton gets murdered, making this his final appearance.

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