Minor Character: New York
Greg Germann CSI NY Blacklist (Featuring Grave Digger)
Name Victor Benton
Alias Grave Digger
Gender Male
City New York
Occupation Technician at Prospective Data Security Firm
Former employee of the NAVSTAR GPS Program
Pathology Budding serial killer
Proxy killer
Modus Operandi Hacking
Reckless endangerment
No. of Victims 1 killed (presumably)
1 killed by proxy
2 attempted
4 stalked and hacked
Status Incarcerated, presumably deceased
Portrayed By Greg Germann
First Appearance Blacklist

Victor Benton a.k.a. Grave Digger is a budding serial killer and hacker who appeared in Season Six of CSI:NY.


Benton was a skilled technician who worked in the NAVSTAR GPS program in 1999, which launched the global navigation satellites and create the first GPS network. It was during this time as an employee of the program that he learned many of the hacking skills he would later put to use during his crime spree. He would later go to work at Prospective Data, a cyber-security firm. At one point in the middle of that time, he would get cancer, for which he would later be treated at a hospital owned by GMI Health Network, with Dr. Jeff Evans as his doctor and Lisa Kim as his nurse. The treatment was free for the sake of considering Benton's health more than his bills. When CEO Aaron Dexter shut down the oncology department, Benton's treatment stopped when his cancer was still aggressive. Released during his greatest time of need, Benton decided to use his computer skills to take revenge on the people he held responsible from his own home.


First targeting Aaron Dexter, Benton hacked his GPS to drive him to a very dangerous neighborhood in The Bronx, New York City, then his help intercom to prevent his calls for assistance, where two thugs cornered him and one, Junior Mosley, shot him dead. Davis was targeted next, hacking his restaurant order to include peanuts so he'd have an anaphylaxis reaction. The waitress who called for help, heard Benton's voice on the phone, delaying EMTs' dispatch and arrival.

When Benton found out Mac Taylor was on the case, he found his private records, called him, and taunted him over his father's death from lung cancer. He then targeted Kim, locking her in an elevator and making her hyperventilate from a claustrophobic panic attack. He rants his motives through the elevator intercom and starts to cry. Taylor pulls Kim out just before the elevator drops to the last floor.

When Benton finds out, he takes off his oxygen take and tries to suffocate himself to death, but the team found his address and Taylor personally revives him. When Benton wakes up in a hospital bed, he continues to taunt Taylor and asks why he saved his life. Taylor just says he's a coward and doesn't have pity for him, adding Benton won't understand him jut from reading up on his life.

Benton was incarcerated after recovering enough from the cancer and may have died in prison (by the show's end).

Modus Operandi[]

Benton targeted the people in charge of his case and personal care while in the hospital. He would hack into their lives to find their vulnerable points, then use his computer skills to his own advantage to endanger their lives. He would always call them or someone on the scene, taunting them or a witness in his wheezy voice; he eventually did so to Detective Taylor when he was on the case to prove he was better skilled. The CEO of the hospital was left in a bad part of town and left to be shot dead by thugs, redirecting his GPS and blocking his assistance communications. Benton's doctor had a peanut allergy, so he got an order with peanuts to have an allergic reaction and sabotaged a waitress' 911 call. Benton's nurse was trapped in an elevator to scared her into suffocating and taunted over the intercom, nearly dying with Taylor when the elevator was supposed to drop them both to the lowest floor or bisect them in the doorway.

Known Victims[]

  • Aaron Dexter (hacked his GPS and car assistance device; was left to be shot dead by Junior Mosley in a bad neighborhood)
  • Dr. Jeff Davis (arranged a food order with peanuts, causing anaphylactic shock; sabotaged the hotline call; was left in critical condition)
  • Lisa Kim (attempted to scare to death, then plummet, while trapped in an elevator)
  • Mac Taylor (stalked; nearly bisected with a dropping elevator)