Minor Character: Miami
Name Vince Kessler
Gender Male
Family Tara Kessler (sister)
City Miami
Occupation Derby coach
Pathology Assailant
Modus Operandi Ipecac poisoning
No. of Victims 1 poisoned
Status Unknown
Portrayed By Matthew Currie Holmes
First Appearance Wheels Up

Vince Kessler is a poisoner appearing in Wheels Up in CSI:Miami.


Kessler was a roller derby coach and the brother of Tara "Tara and Feathered" Werner, her sister who was on his squad, until a serious spinal injury on the rink from Connie "Wrath of Connie" Briggs, leaving her paralyzed. Tara was glad to compete her and never hated her for the game of the sport, accepting the injury was collateral damage. Kessler wasn't so forgiving and found his team losing because Briggs was so great at the sport. To get revenge for his sister and boost his team's chances, he molded a poor-fitting mouth guard and laced it with ipecac, a vomit drug, to make her sick in the next tournament. it worked, but she was later found dead from blunt force trauma to her back, which broke her already fractured and healing bones and cut her heart to the point she bled to death. When Kessler was found out as the poisoner from his DNA on the guard, he first played it off as getting her out of the way as competition. But her killer and ex-friend, Lucy Strickland, pointed the CSIs to Werner, revealing Kessler's true motive, Kessler denying beating and murdering her but saying "still, karma's a bitch". It's never specified what happened to Kessler, either never facing penalty or facing it as badly as incarceration for aggravated poisoning.

Known Victims[]

  • Connie Briggs (switched her mouth guard with one poisoned with ipecac, causing her to vomit)