Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Walter Blaine
Gender Male
Family Darcy Blaine (daughter; incarcerated)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Movie director
Pathology Pedophile
Incestuous Felon
Rapist (possibly)
Modus Operandi Molestation/Rape
No. of Victims 1 molested/raped
Status Unknown
Portrayed By J Downing
First Appearance Frame by Frame

Walter Blaine is the biological father of missing person Darcy Blaine and later revealed as a pedophile and likely a rapist in Frame by Frame in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Blaine was a famous movie director with a wife who later died and a daughter named Darcy. Darcy was repeatedly raped and/or molested by the elder Blaine when her mother was asleep, and she felt like she couldn't get away. She started partying and taking serious drugs, racking up a history her parents would bail her out on regularly. She'd end up going to NA meetings, where she met Jack Witten, an only child of another movie director and art collector who stood to inherit his father's wealth. Darcy would eventually hatch a plan with Witten's business partner, Bob Geer, to fake her death so Walter wouldn't be after her any longer. The plan worked, and Witten was not only framed for the crime despite never being caught, but blackmailed out of 750 grand so Darcy could run and start a new life, under the name Vivian Sinclair, after Vivian Leigh, her favorite movie star, and her mother's maiden name. As Darcy was expecting, Walter was broken down by her disappearance and supposed "death", Darcy never even coming back when her mother died. When Witten was eventually framed again for the murder and "abduction", accordingly, of Gwen Onetta and Emily Bridwell, Walter returned insisting Witten be arrested since no justice was served and Darcy was never even covered in remains, reminiscing on her love for movies, mentioning Vivian Leigh as one of her favorite celebs, which would prove to help the case. Witten was not only exonerated because the two girls burglarized his house, but Geer was found dead, having been shot by Blaine to cover her tracks since she hired the girls to steal a role of film time stamped after her disappearance, revealing she was still alive. She was eventually found and arrested, and when she broke down and confessed, she tried to defend herself by revealing the exploitation she suffered in her youth. She doesn't receive sympathy from the CSIs and is arrested. Walter steps in to pay for her defense, which she very likely refuses. It's unknown what happened to Walter in the end, but if Darcy was able to testify in court to her sexual victimization, Walter was likely incarcerated as well.

Known Victims[]


CSI:Crime Scene Investigation


  • Blaine's account on her sexual victimization by her father in her youth is highly implied to be based off the allegations against Woody Allen by adopted daughter Dylan O'Farrow, whose brother Ronan Farrow later supported her in his job as a journalist by publishing works elaborating her being molested. Farrow would also later be a pioneer of the Weinstein Effect and the MeToo Movement with his New York Times article outing Harvey Weinstein's lengthy history of sexual harassment and assault.