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Main Character: Las Vegas
Name Wendy Simms
Gender Female
Birth Date October 1972
Family Unnamed sister
Unnamed uncle
City Las Vegas
Job Former Lab Tech
Specialty DNA Analysis
Status Alive
Portrayed By Liz Vassey

Wendy Simms was a lab technician at the Las Vegas Crime Lab specializing in DNA analysis.

She later resigned from her position for good in the Season 11 episode, Pool Shark after getting a job from the Crime Lab in Portland, Oregon which would enable her to go into the field and allow her to live closer to her sister.

Her departure left her colleague, David Hodges, who had feelings for her, devastated.


Wendy is a kind, caring person, who always does her job with care and detail. She often makes quick witted comments especially about Hodges. She also remains to be the only person to ever make Hodges speechless as he had romantic feelings for Wendy. However Wendy never officially returned them until when she kissed him in Field Mice.

Early Life

Wendy was born in 1972. [1] She was once paid $600 for a cameo role in a horror movie after she left college. (The Chick Chop Flick Shop)

Simms worked in San Francisco, California for a time before moving to Las Vegas to take the DNA tech position (Secrets and Flies). In the season 11 episode Pool Shark, it is revealed that she has gotten a job in the field in Portland, Oregon, and now lives there.

Season Ten

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  • She has an interest in French neoclassical architecture and is allergic to aubergine (eggplant). (Field Mice)
  • Her blood type is B Negative. (Field Mice)
  • She has an uncle who also works in a DNA lab. (19 Down...)
  • She is a blood donor who donates together with Henry. (Field Mice)
  • Although credited, she doesn't appear in the episodes Coup de Grace, World's End and Take My Life, Please from season ten.
  • She returned for a single guest appearance in Season eleven, in the episode Pool Shark.



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  1. She told Hodges that she turned "35 in October" in You Kill Me.
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