Season 6
Number 11
Writer Josh Berman
Director Kenneth Fink
Original Airdate January 5, 2006
Previous Episode: Still Life
Next Episode: Daddy's Little Girl

Werewolves is the eleventh episode in Season Six of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The team investigates the shooting death of a man with hypertrichosis, a rare genetic disorder that causes excessive hair growth which made him look like a werewolf. The team soon discovers that the man has a twin sister who has the same disorder and a mother who is mysteriously missing.


Victim: Hayden Bradford (deceased)

On the case: entire team

A shadowy figure calls the LVPD from a phone booth and anonymously reports a murder, providing the address. An hour later, Grissom, Sara and Warrick meet Brass at the scene. As they walk through the house, they see large clumps of hair on the floor; Brass tells them that the deceased, Hayden Bradford, doesn't own any pets and lives alone. They find Hayden's body and see that he has excessive hair growth. Hayden's phone rings and registers a missed call from a "Michelle," who has called him six times in the last nine hours. David Phillips puts the time of death at 12 hours before; the cause of death is a single gunshot to the chest. Grissom examines a tuft of fallen hair and confirms that it's human; it's roots are intact.

Catherine and Nick arrive to the scene later and check the perimeter of the house. They find a broken window with a rock on the ground nearby; Nick dusts the rock and finds a print. The assumption is that the killer broke the window to gain access to the house, then left through the front door. As they walk towards the back of the house, they find a fresh mound of dirt. Nick brushes the dirt aside and unearths a gun. Meanwhile, inside the house, Warrick finds some photos of Hayden with a female; one of the photos has the name "Michelle" on the back. In the bedroom, he and Sara find an e-mail printout from a "Casino Dan" threatening Hayden to pay back a debt he owed.

In autopsy, Doc Robbins tells Grissom that Hayden had hypertrichosis, or excessive hair growth; it's genetic and extremely rare. Surprisingly, despite Hayden's body being covered in hair, the doc says that his case is relatively mild. Doc Robbins shaves some of the hair to get a path to the bullet, which he retrieves and gives to Grissom.

Archie is able to identify "Casino Dan" as Dan Nobler, who runs an online casino site. Greg and Warrick visit with Dan. He tells them that Hayden worked up $10,000 worth of debt on the website, contacted his credit card company, and claimed that they were fraudulent charges. Hayden got his money back and never paid Dan. Dan admits that he was angry and sent the threatening email, but refuses to say anything else when told that Hayden is dead. He wipes his feet as he enters his house, and Warrick finds a pebble in the mat consistent with the pebbles that were outside of Hayden's house.

Bobby Dawson tests the buried gun and concludes that it wasn't the gun that was used to kill Hayden. He shows Catherine that the bullet used to kill Hayden was made out of silver, and she remarks that silver bullets kill werewolves.

The print recovered from the rock comes back to Brent Martin, one of Hayden's closest friends. Brent is brought in for questioning and explains to Nick that the broken window came from an errant baseball throw and that he used the rock to clear away the loose pieces of glass. He says that he had known Hayden since high school and was aware of his condition. Hayden was dating Brent's sister, Michelle. Brent tells Nick that he wants to break the news to Michelle in person.

Sofia finds out where the anonymous call came from and waits for Sara by the phone booth. When Sara arrives, Sofia tells her that there are no usable prints on the phone, but points out the clumps of hair on the phone booth's floor. Since Hayden was killed 12 hours before the call, they wonder how the hair got there. In the lab, Wendy tells Sara that the hair is female and that it has seven alleles in common with Hayden. They're looking for a sister.

Sara tells Catherine that Hayden has a twin sister named Allison who is hard to track down, as she has never filed with the IRS nor had a driver's license. There's no death certificate and, since Allison's hair was found in the phone booth, she must be alive. Wendy also confirmed that some of Allison's hair was found inside Hayden's house.

Back at Hayden's house, Sara and Warrick tell Catherine that they found no evidence of Allison living there and step outside to further their search. Catherine notices a hole in the wall and sees something move behind it. When she presses on the wall, she finds that it's a door. A female voice from behind the door tells Catherine to go away. Catherine immediately knows that it's Allison and she's able to coax her towards the door. She sees that Allison is also covered in hair, but much more so than Hayden was, including all over her face. Allison tells Catherine that nobody knows she lives in the house and that when a visitor comes, she hides in her room. She says that Hayden had a visitor at 3:30 the day before; when she came out of her room, Hayden was dead. She waited until it was dark and called the police from the payphone in order to not have the call traced back to the house. Allison says that Hayden was her only connection to the outside world, as she never knew her father, and her mother died when they were teenagers. She asks Catherine for her help in keeping her life a secret from everyone.

Nick informs Grissom that Allison and Hayden's mother is, in fact, alive and well and that she lives in Henderson. Grissom asks him to bring the mother to the station so he can talk to her. Meanwhile, Hodges tells Greg and Warrick that pebbles and glass found in Dan's doormat are consistent with what was found at Hayden's house; furthermore, there were slivers of glass consistent with a broken window.

Dan is brought in for questioning. He tells Warrick that he's used to people claiming credit card fraud and ripping him off; however, since Hayden had a local address, he went to his house to confront him in person. Not knowing Hayden's physical appearance, Dan decided to catch a glimpse of him first, peering through a window and stepping on broken glass in the process. Hayden caught him looking in the window and he ran off. He tells Warrick that he thought Hayden was wearing a costume until he realized it was real hair.

Hodges finds that the silver bullet recovered is made from 92.5% silver and contains the same components as sterling silver. Due to sterling silver's high melting point, it appears that someone went through a lot of trouble to make the bullet. Meanwhile, Michelle is finally located and is questioned at the station by Catherine and Sofia. Michelle reveals that she and Hayden were engaged. She explains that she made six calls to Hayden's phone because she was unable to record a golf tournament for him at her parent's house and wanted to let him know. The police were unable to contact her because her phone died due to her numerous calls.

Grissom speaks with Rita Bradford, Allison and Hayden's mother. She says that her husband left shortly after the children were born because he couldn't look at them and that she faked her own death because she thought it would easier for Allison. When Grissom asks her why she would do that, Rita replies that one day, Allison wanted to go for a walk outside. Fearing that people would see her, Rita locked her daughter in the house. Realizing that she locked her daughter away because she wanted fresh air, she tells Grissom that it was at that point she knew she had to leave. She had Hayden make up a story that she was in a car accident. Grissom tells her that Allison is all alone now and that she needs her, but Rita says it will be too hard to go back and admit that she faked her death in order to get away from her daughter.

Doc Robbins tells Catherine that, due to Hayden's excess body hair, David Phillips missed the lividity at the crime scene. Blood settled to Hayden's left side; however, his body was discovered face up. Furthermore, blue carpet fibers were found on Hayden's body, but the body was discovered on a hardwood floor. Catherine remembers that Allison's room had a blue carpet in it.

Catherine and Sofia go back to the house, and Catherine processes Allison's room. She finds evidence that the bed was recently moved; when she checks under the bed, she finds a small blood pool. Allison maintains that she doesn't know anything about the blood, but Catherine doesn't believe her. Catherine asks Allison if she killed her brother because he was going to leave her for Michelle, but she insists that she wanted Hayden to be happy. Hayden told Allison that Michelle was going to move in and promised her that Michelle would accept her.

When threatened to be taken to the station for further questioning, Allison tells them what she saw. Hayden came into her room looking for a gun, but was shot before he could find it. Allison hid behind her door; in the reflection of her television, she saw Brent Martin standing in the doorway. When asked about the gun, she tells Catherine that Hayden had seen someone sneaking around the property and he bought her a gun for protection. However, not liking guns, she buried it in the backyard. Sofia asks Allison why it was so hard for her to tell the truth, and a tearful Allison says that she's afraid that she'll be asked to testify in court and she won't do that in front of people.

In the lab, Grissom tells Catherine that she won't be able to get a warrant without Allison's testimony. Catherine says that they can use the fingerprint found on the rock that broke the window, but Grissom reminds her that Allison said Brent had entered through the front door. Grissom is reluctant to have the petition filed for the warrant, but advises Catherine to do it anyway. They're able to get a warrant to search Brent's house; inside, Sofia finds a work bench with some silver slivers and the materials needed to make a bullet.

In the interrogation room, Brent is confronted with the fact that the traces of silver found have the same composition as the silver bullet. He admits to killing Hayden because he was going to marry Michelle and, since Hayden's condition is hereditary, she had a chance to give birth to a "freak." Brent's parents blamed him for introducing Hayden to Michelle, so he set out to make it right. He says that he thought the silver bullet was appropriate. Brent also admits that the murder was premeditated, which won't help reduce his sentence. When he asks if he can speak to Michelle, Sofia tells him that she'll do so instead.

Sofia sits down with Michelle and tells her that her story about taping a golf tournament didn't check out. Michelle called Hayden several times to warn him about Brent. She says that when she announced her engagement to Hayden, the whole family got upset. When she came back from a walk to clear her head, she was told that Brent went to go "speak" to Hayden. Since she knew Brent had a temper, she figured Hayden was in trouble. She tells Sofia that she didn't come forward because Brent threatened to hurt her as well if she told anyone.

Catherine visits with Allison again, concerned about her well-being. Allison insists that she's old enough to take care of herself and that she can have things delivered to the house thanks to the Internet. She admits to Catherine that she knows her mother is alive, as calls made to the funeral home and local hospitals turned up no results. Thanks to peoplefinder.com, she knows her mother lives in Henderson. While Allison tells Catherine this, Rita drives up to the house and struggles with whether she should reunite herself with her daughter. She finally gets up the courage and knocks on the door.


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  • Precious by Depeche Mode


Grissom: Hey, Nick, bring her back.
Nick: Why?
Grissom: I want to find out why a mother would play dead.


  • During Dan's interrogation, his lawyer refers to a Brent Moyer admitting to breaking the glass. The character's name is Brent Martin, not Brent Moyer. 
  • During the phone call, you can see it raining. If it rained that night, the finger print on the rock that was outside would have been washed away by the rain, and the roof doesn't look like it extended far enough out to cover the rock.
  • Nitpick: There is no way that a fingerprint would've surfaced that dark on such a porous item as the rock.


  • The motive for murder in this episode is similar to the motive in the Season 3 episode A Little Murder. There, Kevin Marcus killed his future son-in-law because he was afraid his daughter was going to give birth to a dwarf. In this episode, Brent Martin killed his future brother-in-law because he was afraid his sister was going to give birth to a child with hypertrichosis.


  • There's a full moon that can be seen in the sky when they show the shot of the house for the first time.
  • The picture of the werewolf Grissom is looking at in his office is the picture used on the Wikipedia website in the article about werewolves and the words used by Grissom explaining the werewolf seems to be taken from the same article.
  • The fatal bullet: Nick identifies the fatal bullet as being made of silver. The idea that a silver bullet is one sure way of killing a werewolf is more of an invention of modern literature than part of folklore and tradition.
  • Hypertrichosis (the condition Grissom mentions) is a medical term for excessive body and facial hair growth.
  • Bonita Friedericy played Rita Bradford in the episode. She is perhaps recognizable to some for her role as Diane Beckman in the show Chuck.

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