Wes Brown is an american actor best known for his portrayal of Luke McDonald in the show True Blood. He portrayed Brian Partney during Season Six of CSI: Miami.


Wes Brown, while growing up was into sports. Then at Louisiana State University he was required to take a theater class and inadvertently had his first taste of acting. He had done some print modeling for extra cash -driving to Houston and Dallas for photo shoots- but had never been on a film set before he began appearing in local commercials and independent films.

Brown spent the summer between his junior and senior years in Los Angeles looking for work in national commercials. His local agent set him up with an agency in Los Angeles, and he landed a spot for Reebok. It was Brown's first taste of the Hollywood machine.

Brown's resume was about to double. He returned to LSU for his last two semesters, then in 2005 moved back to L.A. permanently. That year he appeared opposite Rob Lowe in the series Beach Girls and then took small roles in two true-life sports dramas: We Are Marshall and Glory Road, the last one with Jerry Bruckheimer (producer) and Jon Voight.

An appearance on CSI: Miami and a few independent films followed, but True Blood was Brown's first shot at extended and widespread exposure when he got the part of Luke McDonald.

He has written and starred in a new film Now and at the Hour that was expected to be filmed in Baton Rouge and New Orleans in the fall of 2009.

CSI: Miami[]

He appeared as Brian Partney in the 2007 episode Permanent Vacation.


  • Beach Girls - 6 episodes (2005) TV episodes - Billy
  • Glory Road (2006) - Pat Riley
  • We Are Marshall (2006) - Chris Griffen
  • CSI: Miami - Permanent Vacation (2007) TV episode - Brian Partney
  • Noble Things (2008) - Bo
  • Lockjaw: Rise of the Kulev Serpent (2008) (V) - Kelly
  • True Blood - 7 episodes (2009) TV episodes - Luke McDonald
  • Trauma - That Fragile Hour and Foul Lines (2009) TV episodes - Casey Landers
  • Criminal Minds - The Slave of Duty (2009) TV episode - Joe Belser
  • Charm Bracelet (2009) - Tyler

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