Minor Character: New York
Name Wes Dillon
Gender Male
City New York
Pathology Abductor
Accessory to robbery/murder
Modus Operandi Abduction
No. of Victims 1 abducted
1 assaulted
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Clayne Crawford
First Appearance Exit Strategy

Wes Dillon is an abductor and accomplice of Kenny Hexton responsible for being on the run with Olivia Dalton for nine years in Exit Strategy in CSI:New York.


Little is known about Dillon other than he was the accomplice of robber and murderer Kenny Hexton responsible for an attack a bodega, leaving the owner and a young employee dead. A little girl at the store named Olivia Dalton saw the whole thing, so Dillon not wanting to kill her, the two abducted her and went on the run. Dillon sent a postcard to his girlfriend, Jackie Thompson, since Hexton wasn't better at handwriting, and after four days, Hexton was done with Dalton and wanted to kill her. Dillon stood up for her by pistol-whipping Hexton while the two were in Boston and taking Dalton with him. She was raised by Dillon for nine years, assuming he was her father, remembered as an exemplary parent by Samantha Rogers, a landlord of theirs when in Georgia, even picked up the tab for Dalton when she was diagnosed with a severe heart condition. By the time Exit Strategy started, they were in Shelby, North Carolina.

Exit Strategy[]

Mac Taylor decided to reopen the case, it being his last unsolved one on his desk. he not only finds out about the accomplice, but Dalton being kidnapped from their as well. When Hexton is tracked to Boston and arrested, Hexton gives up Dillon's name, admits barely knowing the guy, and tells about being ditched to save Dalton's life. The CSIs release the postcard nationwide since Dillon has distinctive handwriting, and Rogers soon after responds back to their luck. They visit her, she tells of the duo's time there while on the run, and gives the team bottle of heart pills Dillon left behind at her house. Dillon's later seen in Shelby fixing his pickup, Dalton wanting to know how to drive, and after some reluctance due to her age, agrees to show her the specs. Taylor and Shelby SWAT, scaring and confusing Dalton and putting Dillon on alert. Taylor insists no fire from the cops as Dillon looks at his tool box, which holds his gun, but Taylor knows what he really wants: his car keys. Dillon dives for them regardless, and when he stands back up, the SWAT fire three shots at him all at once, killing him almost instantly. Dalton cries over him and Dillon apologizes to her as he dies. She snaps and grabs the gun, aiming it at Taylor from being overwhelmed with her emotions and panic, but she's talked down from it and returned home to her mother, Natalie.

Known Victims[]

  • Olivia Dalton (abducted with Hexton, later raising her for nine years; was rescued)
  • Kenny Hexton (assaulted; pistol-whipped and left unconscious)