Minor Character: Miami
Name Wes Gallagher
Gender Male
Family Cindy Gallagher (wife)
City Miami
Occupation Chemical labs CEO
Pathology Bomber
Attempted Mass Murderer (incidental)
Modus Operandi Plane explosives sabotage
No. of Victims 1 assaulted
1+ attempted (incidental)
Status Unknown
Portrayed By Michael Boatman
First Appearance Not Landing

Wes Gallagher is a bomber of his business partner Adam Decker, appearing in Not Landing in CSI:Miami


Gallagher was a joint business partner to Decker in their shared business, Dolson Treatment Labs, Decker having aviator's wings, which made him a shoe-pin for deliveries. He was married to a woman named Cindy, both never knowing neighbor Tony Macken installed a camera in their homes to spy on them having sex, just like the other neighbors. Gallagher found out Decker was also using the plane to smuggle drugs into Mexico, which could be both a financial cost and a scandal that could ruin their business. To prevent the next delivery, Gallagher planted a bomb to explode on a timer to minimally damage Decker's plane enough so he could land safely but not make the trip. But neighbor Heddy Latham, who was working with the businessmen to build a state-of-the-art plane, already rigged the plane's gas to leak and kill Decker from fatal poisoning the night before, neither saboteur knowing of the other's sabotage. From their combined crimes, Decker's plane crashed into a heavily populated beach, but miraculously, no one else died. Potassium permanganate, used to purify cocaine, found in traces in the wreckage, confirms drug smuggling, and when interrogating Gallagher, they find explosives residue on his hands, incriminating him as the bomber. He confesses his motives, and they charge him for manslaughter as well, but he's removed of those charges when the gas leak is revealed. The cameras in his home are also found, and Latham is eventually arrested herself once she's found out guilty of the murder. It's unknown what happened to Gallagher, but he was probably incarcerated for the plane bombing and reckless endangerment that nearly killed the beachgoers.

Known Victims[]

  • Adam Decker (bombed his plane to disable it; was already dead from carbon monoxide poisoning)
  • Numerous unidentified beachgoers (incidental; nearly hit by Decker's crashed plane as a result of the bomb and Decker's unrelated murder)