Minor Character: Las Vegas
William Cutler
Name William Cutler
Gender Male
Family Samuel Cutler (brother; deceased)
Janice Cutler (wife; deceased)
City Las Vegas
Occupation Travel agent
Pathology Spree Killer
Workplace Shooter
No. of Victims 5 dead
1 hostage
1 attempted
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Currie Graham
First Appearance Bang-Bang

"It's a good thing I'm the one who's holding the gun."

William Cutler was a spree killer who killed people he believed betrayed him who was active during Season Six in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


When William was younger, he was very close to his brother Samuel Cutler and they did everything together. Samuel and William eventually stole a car which they got caught for. Willie was sentenced with one year probation while his brother did hard time. Willie eventually got a job as a travel agent at a casino owned by Cowboy Dan and married a woman named Janice. Eventually, his brother got out of prison and tried to reconnect with his brother. Then, four months after getting out, Willie learns that Sammy died in a traffic accident while heading to Mexico.

Season 6[]


Two months after his brother's death, Willie celebrates his impending promotion of fifteen grand by spending five grand on a hooker. He then learns that he was passed over for the promotion in favor of his coworker Roger Banks. After this, he withdraws his entire life savings in order to win back the money he believed was owed to him. But instead, Willie lost everything and was thrown out of the casino by the pit boss. After he gets home, he finds Janice cheating on him. Enraged, Willie chases Janice's lover away before he takes a gun he owns, shoves it into Janice's mouth, and pulls the trigger, killing her.

Willie then calls a taxi service to pick him up after the murder and just drives around to buy booze and cigarettes, all the while using Samuel's name as an alias. He then has the driver drop him off at Cowboy Dan's casino, where Roger Banks is. There, he shoots Cowboy Dan at point-blank range while Roger tries to escape. However, Willie catches up with him and shoots him three times in the back. Afterwards, he stabs himself with a pen to make it look like he was a target too when the police arrive.


Willie gets taken down by SWAT

While being questioned, Willie places the blame on Samuel and goes back to the casino. There, he gets into a fight, and when an officer tries to break it up, he steals his gun and fatally shoots him twice in the abdomen. He then flees and takes a hostage named Jackie with him. Willie enters a hotel room with Jackie and warns the arriving authorities that he will kill her if they enter. Jim Brass manages to get in and they start talking about how Sammy committed the killings. Then, Jim gets a call from Grissom, who informs him that Sammy has been dead for two months. Jim shouts his name, which was his trigger word to the SWAT team, to which Willie shoots him twice in the chest. Consequently, SWAT breaches the room and shoots Willie multiple times in the chest, which kills him and then they proceed to free Jackie.

Way to Go[]

After the casino shooting, Jim Brass goes into surgery where everything looked bad but he eventually recovered from his wounds. In a later episode, Jim went and bought tattoos of the date and time that William Cutler shot him next to his scarred bullet wounds.

Modus Operandi[]

William targeted people he believed betrayed him in some way. He would usually shoot them once in the head with his 9mm pistol. However, if they attempted to run away, he would shoot them repeatedly.

Known Victims[]

  • The 2006 shootings:
    • May 10: Janice Cutler (his wife; shot through the mouth)
    • May 11:
      • The shooting at his workplace:
        • Cowboy Dan (his boss; shot once in the head)
        • Roger Banks (his coworker; shot three times in the back)
      • Officer Thomas Boatwright (shot twice in the abdomen)
      • An unnamed croupier (shot once in the chest)
      • Jackie (held hostage at gunpoint; was rescued)
      • Jim Brass (attempted, but barely survived; was shot twice in the chest)


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  • Cutler appears to be inspired by John Merlin Taylor, a spree shooter responsible for killing his wife and two of his colleagues at a post office in California in 1989, before killing himself.