Minor Character: New York
Bill Hunt
Name William Hunt
Alias Bill
Gender Male
City New York
Occupation NYPD Detective
Pathology Murderer
Dirty Cop
Modus Operandi Beating
No. of Victims 1 killed
1 assaulted
1 robbed
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Peter Fonda
First Appearance Nothing for Something

William "Bill" Hunt is the ex-partner of Mac Taylor as well as a dirty cop and a murderer, targeted by victim Raymond Harris along with Taylor in Season 7 of CSI:New York.


Bill Hunt was Taylor's first partner in the NYPD. One of the cases the two of them worked was the arrest of Raymond Harris, the subordinate of arms and drug trafficker Lucius Woods, in the building across from the one currently housing the NYPD crime lab. Hunt, however, was also a dirty cop, having stolen 100 grand from the money they busted Harris for. To eliminate a witness and shut Harris up as well as make him less credible, Hunt beat Harris' fiancé, Miranda Thomas, until she was dead and left her body at the NYC Thruway. Harris was devastated from the murder and suspected not only Hunt, but Taylor and Woods as well, screaming at Taylor at the end of a prison visit shortly after his arrest "You know what you did!". Harris then swore revenge on them all and, despite Hunt and Taylor no longer working together, Harris started carrying out the vendetta once he was released from prison in early 2011, which would bring the two cops together again.

Season 7[]

Nothing for Something[]

Hunt's first seen after Harris stalks Taylor by "asking for directions" with a map to boot for the lie, then stealing Taylor's wallet and returning it later by playing it off as Taylor "getting it back after leaving it behind". Taylor warns Hunt, but Hunt rebuffs the concerns despite being more on the lookout. The Hunt corners Harris in an alley and beats him nearly unconscious. holding him at gunpoint and growling "What's done is done! Let it go!". Hunt horrifies Taylor with news of the beating and Taylor just sneers Hunt should've kept from losing it and left Harris alone.

Life Sentence[]

Hunt's later lured to the crime lab by Harris posing as Taylor in a text. Immediately, shots start ringing out from Harris' AK-47, which he leaves behind. Hunt's one of the several people injured, being shot in the arm. Hunt's kept off the case from dirty actions taken and from disability, but Hunt has to be put in a line up when Harris comes in to report the brutality. Harris simply shrugs it off saying he "doesn't" recognize Hunt before walking away. When Thomas' blood at the apartment with the stash niche as well as Woods' dead corpse are found, Taylor goes back and realizes the missing cash. Hunt admits to taking it but just sneers Taylor can't even charge with the cash theft from statutes and little evidence. It only gets worse when Hunt's found out to be Thomas' killer from the impression of his platoon ring at the apartment crime scene in her blood. Hunt doesn't care to make it right in a confrontation in the car, but that's cut off when Harris rams their vehicle, shooting Hunt dead with a shotgun. Taylor's almost killed as well, but shoots Harris dead in a suicide by cop.

Modus Operandi[]

Hunt beat Miranda Thomas to death with his bare fists before leaving her dead on the NYC thruway. Hunt also stole 100 thousand from Woods and, seventeen years later, beat Harris and held him at gunpoint, threatening him into not getting his own brand of justice.

Known Victims[]

  • 1994:
    • Lucius Woods (Stole $100,000 in money smuggling)
    • Miranda Thomas (Harris's fiancee, beaten to death; left her body at the NYC Thruway)
  • April 30, 2011: Raymond Harris (Beaten and held at gunpoint; was released)


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