Minor Character: Miami
Name Zach Finley (right)
Justin Porter (left)
Gender Both male
City Miami
Occupation Former Miami Ledger worker (Finley)
Tech support (Porter)
Pathology Budding serial killers
Status Incarcerated (both)
Portrayed By Eric Jungmann (Finley)
Jeff Staron (Porter)
First Appearance Delko for the Defense

"He [Justin] could be with these women, but I couldn't! Killing was the only way that I could get close to them! Closer than sex."

"Don't touch that! That's my work!"

Zach Finley and Justin Porter were a team of budding serial killers and rapists who appeared in season eight of CSI: Miami.


Zach, who was born with AIS (Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome), which prevented his genitals from developing, met Justin at their work at the Miami Ledger where Zach worked in circulation and Justin worked for the tech support, though they both later quit or were fired.

At some point, they teamed up and attacked a woman named Ellen Sheffield, whom Justin had given tech support as part of his new job at a tech support company called The Software Squad. After Justin raped her and forced her to make him breakfast, Zach grabbed a knife and was seconds from killing her when a group of children who were selling candy rang the doorbell, scaring him away.

Season Eight[]

Delko for the Defense[]

Eight days later, they attacked an heiress named Summer Davenport the same way, killing her. The Miami Police responded to a 911 call from a neighbor who heard her screams and caught Zach as he tried to run from the scene. Zach (who was homeless) claimed to have broken into her house for a temporary residence.

When his condition was exposed and Summer Davenport turned out to have been raped, the crime lab dismissed him as a suspect for the murder. After tracking down Justin (who was caught sitting in a storage facility watching a recording of one of his rapes), they connected the two to the attacks and arrested both.

Modus Operandi[]

Zach and Justin targeted women in their mid-30s whom Justin gave tech support. After they broke into their homes, Justin would put on a hood with an opaque mask, drug and rape them, recording the acts by hacking their webcams and then hacking their computers again after the attack and download the video.

The next morning, he would force them to cook him breakfast. He then gave the hood to Zach, who put on garbage bags to cover himself from blood spatter and stabbed the victims to death with a knife from the house.

Known Victims[]

  • 2009:
    • December 6: Ellen Sheffield (attempted, but survived; raped by Justin, stabbed twice by Zach, but Zach was scared off)
    • December 14: Summer Davenport (raped and stabbed six times in the abdomen)


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