Minor Character: Miami
Name Zach Griffith
Heather Crowley
Gender Male (Griffith)
Female (Crowley)
Family Kimberly Crowley (mother; deceased)
Edward Crowley (father; deceased)
City Miami
Occupation Students
Babysitter (Crowley)
Pathology Murderer (both)
Modus Operandi Bludgeoning (Griffith)
Stabbing (Crowley)
No. of Victims 1 killed each
Status Incarcerated (both)
Portrayed By Jeremy Sumpter (Griffith)
Leighton Meester (Crowley)
First Appearance Broken Home

Zach Griffith and Heather Crowley are a couple responsible for killing Crowley's parents, Edward and Kimberly, in Broken Home in CSI:Miami.


Griffith and Crowley were two high school students who were dating before the episode, despite the disapproval of Crowley's parents, Edward and Kimberly, as well as the disdain of Justin Montavo, a kid she babysat. Yet Crowley's mother had a different reason: somehow seducing and/or raping Griffith into sexual relations between the two of them. One night when Heather Crowley was babysitting Montavo and Griffith was there with her, Edward confronted Griffith over the affair with Kimberly in the backyard, telling him to stay away. When Griffith doesn't take responsibility, Edward charges him, only for Griffith to beat him to death with his motorcycle helmet. Heather witnessed the whole thing, all while holding a gardening cultivator fork. Kimberly soon arrives later, revealing Edward found a card exchanged between the two of them. Seeing Edward seemingly dead, she doesn't care and says the two can be together. Heather is shocked by the revelation and demands an explanation. When Kimberly starts by saying she's sorry, Heather cuts her off by screaming at Kimberly to stay away from Griffith, before swinging the fork at Kimberly and killing her almost instantly by stabbing her neck with one of the prongs. Even though Heather's in shock, Griffith demands they make a pact to never tell, which she silently agrees to. After Crowley's scared by Justin pulling a "babysitter and man upstairs" prank on her, and she cusses him for it, her father stumbles through the front door, still alive but shortly collapsing dead at his daughter's feet, resulting in the police being called. Her mother's found dead soon after in the backyard of the Montavo house. Crowley's seen next giving her account, showing being distraught and receiving condolences from the team now that she's orphaned. She and Montavo both testify to seeing Mike Lasker breaking into the house, but although he drugged the Montavo parents to break in, as well as being revealed as a serial killer who lost an anklet Justin Montavo stole and tried to get it back, he's ruled out as a suspect in the parents' murders. When Montavo's stash of stolen items from his kleptomania is found in a floor vent, Horatio Caine confronts him, but then sympathetically asks for his help. Montavo reveals Griffith's presence in the house, and when Crowley's asked again, she gives his name. Griffith's called and asked to come to the station, but he hangs up the phone and runs. The police chase him on a motorcycle, but when he swerves and crashes, not badly enough to be severely injured, he's arrested for authority evasion. He's confronted with his appearance at the house, but he plays off the altercation leading to Edward's death as being over Crowley, with no one ending up scathed. This ends up being proven wrong when a mosquito is found in Edward's wound that was hit at a high velocity, determined to have been transferred from the murder weapon, which is later revealed to be Griffith's helmet, hit the mosquito while on his bike and officially proves this when matching Edward's blood. Griffith admits to the killing, but says to Calleigh Duquesne it was self-defense. As a result, he's taken into custody. Crowley's soon outed when they realize Kimberly's killer must've had blood spatter from stabbing major blood vessels in her neck. When Heather's suspected, Ryan Wolfe has her lift her shirt covering her dress, revealing the bloodstains from when she slashed her mother. She admits to the altercation, how she thought was about her, and the eventual murder of her mother in a fit of rage when she found out the truth. With this, the couple are arrested and transported off in the same squad car to be incarcerated.

Known Victims[]

  • Edward Crowley (beaten once in the head with a motorcycle helmet by Griffith)
  • Kimberly Crowley (stabbed once in the neck with a gardening fork by Crowley)