Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Zack Fenish
Gender Male
City Las Vegas
Occupation High School Student
Drug Dealer
Pathology Stalker
No. of Victims 1 stalked
Status Alive
Portrayed By Colton James
First Appearance Turn, Turn, Turn

Zack Fenish is Haley Jones' high school classmate and stalker, later becoming her boyfriend, appearing in Turn, Turn, Turn in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


Fenish was a kid at Haley's school who had a crush on her. He followed around a very dangerously unsupervised bonfire for Haley's ex-friend, Bree Lindale, when Haley snuck out to get there. When Lindale accuses her father, Mark Jones, of drugged sexual assault, Nicole Jones, Haley's mother, shows pictures she took when she went to the bonfire to record the activities there, to Haley's horror. Fenish is in the photos, but he reveals he was following Haley around at the bonfire from being in love with her. Lindale's ex-boyfriend, Dave Henkel, is revealed to be the attempted rapist, Lindale shockingly accusing Mark by her own choice to keep Haley away since she didn't like her. Haley turned goth, and she and Fenish started both dating and dealing crystal meth, but Nicole later killed her by accident, hating her look as it reminded Nicole of her of Haley's mother, Tanya Carrow, who killed Nicole's birth daughter Melissa and offered Haley as a replacement. Haley's death was on Nick Stokes' birthday, an exact anniversary of the two meeting for the first time. Fenish was questioned, and he laments how he didn't save her in time and get clean with her because he truly cared about her. He's exonerated and left to grieve, especially after Nicole's identified and arrested.

Known Victims[]

  • Haley Jones (stalked at a high school bonfire; was never charged and later dated Haley)